Can you really blog from your phone?

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Blog from your phone ? I guess some of us don’t ever use our laptops for anything other than work, and our little hand held devices are the door and window to the universe.


Recently a friend, that I helped setup and build a website for, asked me “Can I blog from my phone? I don’t have a private laptop and I don’t want to use my work computer?” Trying really hard not to let my face say “I don’t have a clue” I stuttered “Um, erw aah I don’t see why not? Let me get back to you on that!”

Well… guess what! I’m writing this article from my phone! Coolsies! Nailed it !

Yes you can do it! If you have a wordpress website though, you need to install the WordPress app on your phone, login to your WordPress site and VOILA! Here we are !! Happy days!


But my thumbs are to big to blog on my phone!

However for me there is the wonderful feeling of typing on a keyboard, instead of fighting with my touch screen. Consider that if you do want to blog, and why you are blogging, using your phone may not always be the best method. If you are a stay at home person (yes, not mom, because dad’s stay at home too) and you want to share your amazing cookie recipe, this is great, take a photo, type up the recipe and BAM.

However, if you are looking to make some money of your blog, I do suggest the good old fashioned laptop or computer. There are many factors to consider like SEO, keywords, word count and tags to increase your ranking of your post. The minimum recommend content length is 600 words (currently I am at 325 – as I watch my counter on the side panel, tick, tick…). Other things like using a focus keyword in your title for example “BLOG”, using the same keyword in meta description, in the content and so forth. 

You also have to be careful to not over do it by saying blog in every sentence lol! Its useful to have a plugin installed to tell you these things ! I am using Rankmath on this site, but some of my other sites use Yoast SEO.  

Blog on a typewriter
Do you need ?

Be weird

Because being ordinary is so yesterday!

UPDATE ! This post didn’t want to upload from my phone on the app, I kept trying and eventually it did ! HA HA ! There are pro’s and con’s to this which I will talk about in another post. But in the end you can do it from your phone! Happy Blogging !

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